Ivan Berezin

If my articles have inspired you to improve your life, I'd be more than happy to help you grow.

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Jimena N.

"The truth is that before starting coaching with Ivan I felt really lost. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to take control of my life and make some changes but I didn't know where to start. From my first session with Ivan everything became much clearer to me, with this new-found clarity I was able to make changes that quicly benefited me. What I learen from Ivan is still present on my daily life. My thinking has become more objective and when I feel that things are getting hard I remember the advice he gave me. Coaching with Ivan is something that I recommended to a friend as it had helped me a lot and I wanted to help her and it also changed her life. I hope everyone could have the opportunity to take coaching sessions with him."

Andrea G.

"Coaching sessions where something new for be, before taking them I had no idea how much they would help me on my daily life. Not only did they help me have more confidence on myself, but also helped me to stop being so harsh on myself. I am very grateful that I could take these sessions because they were of great help for me to reach and obtain my life goals."

Nicolas G.

"Ivan is someone who is always respectful, non-judgemental, and is always trying to help with whichever problem or situation you may have. In my case, he helped me solve problems I had with making friends and with my family, but he also noticed how I had some confidence problems and he helped me throughout the whole process. I absolutely recommend him and I know I will take more sessions with him on the future."

Santi G.

"Coaching with Ivan helped me realize what were the mental limitations which were stopping me from reaching my full potential."


"Ivan is a good coach. He's empathetic, understanding, and helpful for problem-solving. He helped me better understand myself and feel like I had more agency in my life."

Daniela A.

"Coaching helped me vent. I was able to have someone listen to me, and instead of telling me what to do to change my problems, he guided me to improve as a person and find my own solutions to my problems, which made me able to achieve my goals. The sessions really helped me with my day to day life."